終端の王と異世界の騎士 ~The Endia & The Knights~
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do you have a normal reference of diana livermore or any information about her?

I haven’t really paid much attention to any of the songs she’s featured in; I never really get into the prequel albums. Sorry; my focus has been outside of SH for a while. But if I can gather anything I’ll make a post about her.

In the meantime, anyone have anything to offer this anon on Diana?

さあ!唄ってごらん!The Halloween Night!
By まっちゃ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist. Please do not remove the source.

さあ!唄ってごらん!The Halloween Night!

By まっちゃ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist. Please do not remove the source.

Theory Time: Vanishing Starlight Pre-Release



Everyone else is doing it, so I might as well put my own heart and soul into a nice pre-release theory. I won’t talk about the namesake, since that attracts a toxic response each and every time, but I’ll instead try to establish the story of the musician, that I will refer to as our musician until a canon source confirms otherwise. No offense intended, but we don’t have to agree on every little thing. As always, please come to your own conclusions and reach your own individual ideas on every given aspect of the story. Also note that this is pre-release, and is thereby subject to a lot of speculation and the normal such associated with this kind of general theory that comes before the product clarifies. I will also only comment on the first two songs, the third is a mystery as of the writing of this post.

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一人取り<—- why are there words that you can’t find in dictionaries. Sometimes this sort of thing really bothers me about SH’s choice of lyrics. Revo, Revo why do you do this to me. Why.

Like what is this word. Hitoriru is what the lyrics are, I think, but it looks like it’s read like hitoritori? I suppose it can be used as a suffix of some sort… but then would it mean “person taker”?


問題となるのは個の性質ではなく 記号としての数量

Okay when we start getting into all these little hiragana words I start to get confused. On top of it, these sentence is written in a vague sort of way.

Like I recongize question/problem, individual, nature/disposition/property, tada (merely, only, soley, when written with that kanji) and quantity/volume, but all the smaller words that haven’t any kanji sort of mix me up.

Like toshite is it that or is it to and then shite? but would that even make sense, not that toshite makes much sense… and naku like, written with kanji it’s bird sining but just as hiragana I’m not sure, I think it’s something that relfects onto another word but this is a bit complex.

Can anyone offer some help (sorry for all the translation questions; like, I feel like I understand generally what is being said but I don’t want to make a general translation I want something that’s very close to what it is in Japanese)?


I’ve been editing the translation for Yield! (guess I’m working in order a little; ABYSS. I’ll save Baroque for last just because I’m so unfamilar with it. I never liked it because it’s not actually a song, it’s just an audio clip of Aramary speaking a confession, not singing it)

I’m a little confused by ‘nan darou ne’ like… I know what it means but I don’t know how to word it in English. If that makes sense…

Also I never bothered to translate



because this is the part where it’s (sweets, la la sweets, la la makka na fruits) and I just assumed it was the translation of that, but looking closer it’s actually not. Like, it’s what the English was meant to say but didn’t, which is weird, but lots of the English used in Elysion isn’t actually correct, so, whatever.

I hate romanizing words (using the ABC’s to write out the Japanese like —->watashi no namae wa Kurisuten is romanized japanese for 私の 名前はクリステン), especially words from the lyric book that aren’t sung because SH has this habit of singing one thing but writing different kanji/meaning. It’s, eh… :\ not so easy for us translators.

Anyway, I hope to finish this one up sooner just because Yield has much shorter, simpler lyrics than Ark.

I think I’ll go through and check all my older translations of the Elysion album (except for Stardust, which I have revised rather recently). Yield, Baroque, Sacrifice, Eru to Ehon Majo to Lafrenze, Eru no Shouzou, Side E, Side A….

As I edit/revise/update them I will make posts about my progress :)

Finally I am all through updating the translation of Ark! I discovered a few errors the other day and decided it was time to revise and edit any mistakes I may have made in my last update of this song. I hope you get a chance to watch the video! Thank you for all the help and support. This was my first video and to date it remains the most popular on my channel! To view the subtitles annotations must be turned on!

Thank you to everyone who replied with help about the translation of that lyric! I’m really very grateful! Thank you!

paandesoul said: What’s your native language? o:

My native language is English. What I meant was, even for someone who has English as a native language, my skills in the area are exceptional. I was placed in honors and advanced systems in school and tested very highly on standardized testing (such as the ACT and SAT).

I feel so out of touch with you all.

Let’s get to know each other again.

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Does anyone even care about my translations or the “info” part of my blog anymore?

Okay, so I rewatched my video of ark and noticed >A LOT< of errors in the translation (some pretty obvious, to which I am quite embarrassed), so, I’m revising my translation for the 2nd or 3rd time.

But I haven’t really done anything with my Japanese in like 4 years so I’m struggling with the following lyric:


So I had to seek some help online, thankfully someone who is a native speaker was able to clear up the problems and explain that two of the words are uncommon forms and the negation of another is an old way of doing so (which is why I was so confused).

When I am all done working on the updated translation and have edited my video to reflect the changes I’ll make a post about it!